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Money Management
for Couples.

At The Money School we love working with couples. The impact we have reaches further than just changing spend behavior in the home. We are able to put a family on track to set goals and work together as a team towards a sound financial future. Which we just love doing. Have we mentioned that already?

Most couples only talk about money when it runs out. Managing money is hard enough for singles; when two untrained money managers get together it can cause chaos. This truth became clear to us after surveying many top divorce attorneys who report that approximately 40% of divorce is caused directly by money related pressure

Need convincing? Does this sound like you or your partner?

My wife has a black belt in shopping. What must I do?

We really have been consistently paying for a long time but our debts just seem to keep growing?

Both of us are really doing well, but have no time to sort out our money.

My husband’s earnings are erratic and it makes it difficult for us to budget.

So you’ve realised you need someone to help you get fit and lose weight. To file your tax returns. To renovate your house. To give you the low down on how to care for a new-born baby. Why? Because you’re not an expert in these areas. We get it. Why should your personal money management be any different?

Let us guide you on this journey and help you get deliberate about building wealth for you and your family. You can contact us › to establish when we'll be running a public 'couples workshop' or ask your company to invite us to share the love at your company. We promise this will be a catalytic event in your journey towards being effective money managers and changing the financial future of your family.

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This workshop is a seriously cost effective way for a company to touch the lives of their staff in a very meaningful way whilst delivering all the benefits of having financially astute employees.

Reshmee Rohan – Clientele, Organisational Development and Wellness
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