The Money School is a
culmination of over
12 years experience.

In the past we equipped people and their families to be effective money managers through a number of different companies and initiatives. With the addition of new partners, and a new focus, The Money School was established in 2012.

We learnt very early on in our business that even well educated, driven and skilled business people often have no idea what they are doing with money. They are very good at making money and even better at spending it.

We spent our first 3 years in the ‘financial services’ space-teaching people about ‘brokers’ and their basket of products. We very quickly learnt however that the multitude of money transactions taking place from payday to payday was having the biggest effect on peoples’ financial lives.

We often come across people who are dead serious about taking control of their financial future. They are aware of their money skills gap and are prepared to do something about it; they know it and we love that we can do something about it! We look forward to meeting those people…

Our team is working furiously to deliver scalable solutions to consumers all over South Africa. If you would like to chat to us about how we can add value to your organization please contact us to set up a time to meet.


Our payoff line, Vula Amehlo means ‘Open your eyes’ in Zulu. Why?

Because that’s what we do. We help people see how poor financial decisions are making them poorer every month. And of course, how having an education in personal money matters creates the clarity and confidence to set financial goals with a vision of creating real wealth for themselves and their family.

People who make a deliberate effort to equip themselves with an education in personal finance have an advantage over others in life. They have the ability to dictate the way they live and build wealth.

After training lots of staff
across a broad spectrum
of income levels, we have
realised that debt
is a relative problem.
If we put two people
in a room on the 17th
of the month, one earning R3,500 per month & the other earning R35,000 per month, there is a good chance that both of them have run out of money & are leaning on credit to get by.

The Money School team is looking
for people who are
looking for us.