Continuing Education

You’ve listened.
You’ve learned.

And you’re ready to change your financial future. But how?

It’s simple. As a Money School graduate you’ve already covered all the basics about what needs to be done, goal setting and the principles behind building real wealth for you and your family. The next step is to start using our tools today in order to eliminate your debt and manage your spending.


Using The Money School’s custom built tool kit designed to help you do just that.

Spend Manager ›

Our Spend Manager has been built to focus you on making a profit every month. A simple, but key difference in how to approach managing your money.
Make a Profit

Debt Blaster ›

We’ve built our debt reduction tool using the concept of ‘snowballing’ to help you get out of debt fast. That’s why its called
the Debt Blaster.
Eliminate your Debt

If you’d like to have access to this resource, please get in touch ›
We’ll be happy to talk to your HR department about rolling out a TMS initiative in your workplace.

Education Centre

We’ll launch our Continuing Education Centre where all workshop & programme graduates can come to:

Icon-learn Learn

We’ve asked some of the most successful money managers we know how to build wealth & financial independence. And we’ve distilled their answers in easy to understand articles, videos & podcasts.

Icon-do Do

Download & use our worksheets, templates and ‘cheat sheets’ related to different financial scenarios & life events in order to fast track your way to becoming a top class money manager.

Icon-become Become

Like anything in life, it takes time, effort and practice to become good at doing anything. Think of how long it’s taken you to lose 5 kilo’s and train for that triathlon?

The same principles apply here.

We know what it takes to become a good money manager and so we’ve created an interactive environment that will continue to encourage, motivate and push you to achieve your goal of becoming wealthy.