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It goes by many names. Financial literacy, education and training is perhaps one of the more popular terms.

But for us it’s really simple. Its about empowering people to get out of debt, be honest about their financial situation and aspirations and then empowering them to change. Make a profit. Make a difference.

In a first for the South African insurance market, 1Life has partnered with The Money School and Boston Business College and City Campus to provide financial literacy education to all their clients and the broader South African public through the launch of their 1Life trust.

  • Are you looking for financial freedom?

    by Laurence Hillman, MD, 1Life

    With 1Life and The Money School we are offering a South African first that can provide you with just that! Our partnership offers a financial literacy course at Boston Business Colleges nationwide as a benefit to our clients, their families and we are also extending this great initiative to all South Africans.

    We believe that being financially literate now; will provide you with a head start, unleashing the potential for you to change your life.

    At 1Life we are passionate about changing lives – the lives of our clients, our employees and as many South Africans as we can through the way we do business, that is why we are proudly sponsoring this great initiative.
    Go on and unleashProfile_thmb_laurence_hillman
    your potential!
    Laurence Hillman,
    MD, 1Life

  • The importance of a financial education

    by Ari Katz, CEO, Boston Business College

    At Boston we pride ourselves in giving our students an education – for life. Through the courses, degrees and diplomas we offer at all of our campuses we know that we’re offering our students a different better, brighter future.

    And I’m always so proud when I see our graduates making their mark in society once they leave us. And now, through this innovative partnership with The Money School and 1Life we’re pleased to be able to offer this Financial Independence course at Boston.

    It’s a big thing getting an education and then a job. It’s an even bigger thing knowing what to do with the money you’ll be earning in your job.

    This course has the potential to change the financial future of you and your family – and it’s yours for the taking.Profile_thmb_ari_katz
    Good Luck!
    Ari Katz, CEO,
    Boston Business College
  • Financial freedom – yours for the taking

    by Gary Kayle, Money Coach, TMS

    Have you signed up for The Money School’s Financial Independence course yet? What are you waiting for? It’s probably one of the smartest things you’ll ever do. Really. How do we know that?

    Because we’ve got hundreds of testimonials and stories from graduates of The Money School’s workshops, courses and training telling us how what they learned about managing their money, getting out of debt and building wealth has been a game-changer for them in their personal and professional lives.

    Now, it’s your turn! We look forward to seeing Profile_thmb_gary_kayleyou and your loved ones at a Boston near you.
    Gary Kayle,
    Money Coach,
    The Money School