Garnishee Solutions

What is the problem?

Employee garnishees are often an administrative burden to payroll departments and negatively impact employees’ prospects of gaining control of their money.

Why is this the case?

The major difficulty in this space is that creditors and collection attorneys can take advantage of the fact they are dealing with financially illiterate individuals. There is a basic lack of understanding between the interest and capital components of high cost debt. As a result, negotiations with your staff are non-existent or very one sided. In many cases administration and interest charges spiral out of control and very often your payroll department and employees’ hands are tied unless there is professional intervention or the funds to seek legal counsel.

This is compounded by the fact that the collection attorneys are in control of outstanding balances. This creates an obvious conflict of interest in the collection process. Payroll staff are often surprised when they request full and final settlements from attorneys and find there are still large sums of money owing.


What is a
garnishee order?

An emoluments attachment order is an order granted in terms of Section 65J of the Magistrates Court Act in terms of which an employer (also referred to as a garnishee, hence the common term ‘garnishee order’) is ordered to make monthly deductions from a debtor’s salary and pay this to the judgment creditor or their attorneys.

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How can we help you?

The Money School provides a unique blend of services in the garnishee space to address all these concerns in a fair and transparent manner – to the benefit of both

Icon-brief Company Benefits
Save time & money relating to the management and
payment of garnishees.
Increase time available for payroll staff to focus on company related matters by allowing experts to administer staff garnishees.
All garnishee and maintenance order queries will be handled from staff, attorneys and creditors.
Improved employee take home pay via renegotiated terms with creditors on behalf of employees.
Reduce Presenteeism (time spent not working whilst at work.)
Reduce absenteeism due to overstressed and cash strapped staff.
Icon-employee Employee Benefits
Protection from unscrupulous collection attorneys and creditors.
All garnishees are audited to ensure correct balances, fees and interest charges.
Outstanding balances are managed by us and not the attorneys
Access to a National Call Centre to assist with demanding creditors and stressed staff.
Updated schedules made available to enquiring staff within minutes.
Assistance to renegotiate terms on outstanding balances.